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Menu Selection:

Let us know your tastes,dietary preferences and culinary needs and we'll do all the rest.

Whether you are looking for weekly meals, hosting an event or dinner party we provide beautiful delicious organic menus cooked. 

Save Time:

Don't want to waste time buying groceries, cooking and cleaning and spend more time with your family and guests, we have you covered.

Diet preferences:

We cater to your specific dietary needs and offer flexible menus for people who are on Paleo, Ketogenic, GAPS, SIBO, Mediterranean, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Yeast Free diets or have other special nutritional requirements.

Passionate about food and creating delicious, organic and healthy meals. We take the stress our of cooking. 

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healty meal cooked at home
Skewers for a Paleo diet

Priya Hutner & The Seasoned Sage

Priya is an organic chef, breath and yoga instructor, food editor, and freelance writer.

Passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition, Priya has been cooking and creating meals from an early age. She worked for many years in the hospitality industry in New York City. After moving to Florida, she worked as a vegetarian cook for a residential yoga community, where she planned menus, purchased ingredients, and prepared healthy meals for large groups and events. 

Priya and her team offer a variety of services that include catering, personal chef services, meal delivery, and cooking class dinner parties. We cater private and special events.

Priya consults and offers wellness programs for people interested in dietary lifestyle shifts, rebooting their health, and helping people lose weight. She teaches yoga and meditation and facilitates workshops. Priya offers private consultations for people interested in becoming more conscious about their life, improving their health, creating and implementing lifestyle changes, and architecting an authentic life.


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