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Writing as a Path to Self Discovery

Meditation, Breath, and Yoga Classes
One on One Sessions






The Seasoned Sage offers workshops and programs that deepen awareness and consciousness, open channels of creativity, instill a greater sense of well being, reduce stress, and help to create the life you desire. Designed to enhance life, delve deep, and inspire participants to live life to the fullest.

Writing As a Path to Self-Discovery

Nov. 30 | 6-8 p.m. | Spirit Rebel Truckee

Unleash your inner creative through the exploration of writing, breathwork, and meditation. Discover how freewriting can shift perspective, develop a deeper awareness, and foster self-discovery. Tap into your creative self-expression as a path to personal transformation and awakening. No writing experience is necessary.


Priya Hutner is a writer, teacher, and owner of the Seasoned Sage, a local meal delivery and catering company. She facilitates workshops teaches meditation and breathwork. Growing up in an ashram, Priya lived a yogic lifestyle, sat with the dying, co-founded a retreat and yoga center, and was the director of a non-profit residential spiritual community. She weaves over 30 years of experience into her workshops and offerings.


Spirit Rebel | 530.440.7144

17400 Northwoods Blvd Suite 1A

Phone(530) 440-7144








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Writing as a Path to Self Discovery Workshop

Meditate, Write, Breathe, and Explore.

Explore writing as a stream of consciousness and include meditation and breathing techniques to go deeper and explore how the creative process unfolds through journaling and the written word. Take a journey into presence, explore what occurs in the moment, express it, and see what unexpected discoveries emerge. No writing experience necessary.

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Spring is a time of renewal. It is the perfect time to shed the old, clean up the diet and gain a deeper sense of wellbeing. The course includes individualized meal plans geared to specific lifestyle, daily yoga and breath meditation practice and detoxifying meals. Learn how to create delicious meals while utilizing cooking as a form of meditation. This unique opportunity connects like-minded individuals in a supportive and fun group environment to improve and uplift the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems and gain a deeper awareness of self. Benefits of a Cleanse:Renewed energy* Weight Loss*Better sleep *Clarity*Reduced Stress
$150 (includes ten day course, course materials, meals and individual support and guidance.) We will meet 5 times during the course with a 2 hour orientation on April 25. Meeting Dates:
April 25, April 27, April 30, May 2 and May 4 close of course.

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