Creativity and Passion:

Art is an expression of the soul. Preparing food, teaching workshops, and writing are all part of the art I create. Life can be busy and overwhelming, and I love taking the stress of preparing food off people's plates.


Whether preparing delicious organic meals, offering cooking classes, hosting dinner parties or teaching workshops, meditation, and yoga, this is the art I am passionate about. 





Chef Services:

Personal chef, Dinner parties and Special events

The Seasoned Sage is available to prepare dinners for your family,host your next dinner party or cater your special event.

Themed dinner parties, global cuisine, simple elegant meals,healthy organic dinners, or diet conscious cuisine we design and create dinners for all occasion and take the stress out of entertaining.

Priya Hutner - Owner

Weekly Meal Delivery

Too busy to cook?  We deliver organic meals to your home or office that caters to diet-specific preferences. Locally sourced whenever possible and prepared with seasonal products our menus are healthy, nutritious and delicious. 


Know someone that's having a baby? Our healthy meals for new mothers is a great gift. Meals are made with iron-rich ingredients to support new moms and the family.

We prepare specific meals for people dealing with illness, homebound, or injured that support the healing process.

No waiting in line, no shopping, no sitting in a crowded restaurant - just a healthy dose of quality organic meals delivered or prepared in your home/

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welness and detox retreat program

Wellness & Cleanse Programs 

Workshops and Private Sessions

Time to clean up your diet? Experience renewed wellness and energy with our Conscious Cleanse Programs. We offer personalized programs that include nutrition, yoga, and breath meditation to support health and wellbeing. 

Private and group cleanses are available on request.

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We believe in

Our principles are health, eclogy, fairness, care
Our clients satisfaction speaks for us

"For anyone who is looking for fabulous healthy food prepared with expertise and love I would recommend Priya Hutner of the Seasoned Sage"

-M. Collins

Martis Camp


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